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Agricultural Fraud
For over 25 years our Investigators have been involved with livestock feed yards, row crop operations, feeder cattle order buying services, brokerage operations and commodities.  We are the experts in the field of agriculture.
Discovery Investigations, Inc. has been retained by bankers, attorneys, insurance companies, farmer feeders, feed yards, and financial representatives.
As experts, we have solved many cases relating to problems involving credit, thefts, liens and double mortgages.  If you have been defrauded, are short head counts of livestock because of possible criminal activity, or just need help in figuring out the next step to take, call us to set up a free appointment. 
Do not take too long to seek help. The sooner we can investigate the situation, the better your chance of winning. We are familiar with bankruptcy procedures involving agricultural products and have been retained by financial institutions as well as Federal Bankruptcy Trustees.

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